Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday What is it

Yellow dusted petunia
Here is a Wednesday What Is It? Flagstaff residents: you cannot play (because you know the answer)! :) Answer is below so don't scroll down too fast if you want to guess.

What made the Flagstaff skies hazy for about two weeks in early June?
Hazy Flagstaff skies

What covered our shelves, roads, flowers with a fine layer of dust?

What was kicked up in swirls by cars as they drove down the road?

What was so thick on our porch that it allowed me to leave a footprint in the yellow dust?
Footprint in yellow dust
What created mini yellow dust devils in the wind?

Hint: it's natural, happens every year, this year seemed heavier...

Answer: It blows in the wind, and it needs to, and we have had a lot of wind this year- not that that has had anything to do with it...

Clouds of it puff from the ponderosa pine trees

it's the pollen. And based on the amount of pollen I have wiping from my shelves I predict a lot of hearty pine cones and happy squirrels. Our local paper had an article about it.


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