Friday, October 30, 2009

No Impact Challenge

If you couldn’t tell from my posts earlier this week, I was taken aback by Americans’ attitudes towards climate change. I am not a “sky is falling” kind of person, really. But I do think change is happening, human-caused change, and we need to change our behavior in order to continue enjoying life on this planet the way we do now. It seems to me that much of the problem can be summed up with one word: overconsumption. You can attribute that to overpopulation and/or to a certain portion of the population consuming too much of the Earth’s resources.
I don’t think it’s too late to change our behavior to effect a change- if everyone is doing it. So this week’s challenge is to find five more ways to change your behavior- small or large- that will decrease your impact on Earth. By the way, one of the main reasons I started this blog was to promote walking as an alternative form of transportation. It’s not as sexy as bicycling but it’s cheap and is a stress reliever.
Check out these blogs for ideas:
Vamosverde's Weblog: My friend, Shannon, has some practical everyday ideas on how to reduce your impact.
Fake Plastic Fish: Beth has championed the cause of reducing plastic in our lives and also has a whole bunch of other interesting and useful blogs listed
Polka Spot Farm: I am new to this blog but it has a list of simple living blogs.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Snow won't stop us!


Walk the Walk, Walk into Fall, Haunted Halloween Walk, Walk into Winter (!)

from Jack Welch

Our Walk Into Winter start location for Friday 6 November WILL NOT BE Kiwanis Park across from the NAU dome.

For the Month of November our Friday walks will all start from the Office Max Parking Lot (Flagstaff Mall)at 9:00 AM. We will walk outside if we can but if the weather is bad we can walk inside the Flagstaff Mall.
Everybody Welcome! Please do bring a friend!

Thanks to all who have accepted the Aerobic Winter Challenge

Walk Into Fall
Start Location: Peaks Ranger Station
Time: 9:00 AM

About 3 total miles of walking

SATURDAY 31 OCTOBER Trick or Treat Walk
Walk The Walk
Flagstaff's Haunted Places
Start Location: Downtown Visitor Center
Time: 3:00 PM

The city has been running a series of "Haunted Tour Walks" and we; lll use their
brochure BUT our walk will be mostly on the South Side of the tracks because
they forgot to cover some really scary locations there. We'll visit the Andy Devine House - the old sidekick movie star. Kingman, AZ claims Andy but his ghost resides in Flagstaff. A most famous ghost horse roamed with the Headless Horseman through New England. A phantom Moqui Stage Coach to the Grand Canyon is pulled daily out of a southside stable by a set of four ghost horses. An old wall drawing "bleeds" through covering paint on a wall of the old ball court near the Tourist Home.
Bring your own south side of the tracks ghost stories.
After our tour don't forget to visit the downtown Halloween activities at Heritage Square!

Walk The Walk
New Mural Tour
Start Location: City Hall Parking Lot
West side of the City Hall across from the Library
Time: 3:00 PM

About 3 total miles of walking as we visit two of the latest murals produced in Flagstaff.
The one on W Summit Ave is located at the top of a very good hill

Walk Into Winter
Location; Adult Center
Time: 9:00 AM

About 3 total miles of walking in and around the surrounding neighborhood

Walk Into Winter
Start Location: Office Max Parking Lot/Flagstaff Mall
Time: 9:00 AM

We'll walk outside (3 total miles) if possible but we can always go inside the Flagstaff Mall and walk if the weather is too bad.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What should we do?

I was surprised to read that fewer Americans believe that global temperatures are rising. Representatives from 170 countries are about to meet in Copenhagen to discuss this global problem. The vast majority of scientists, especially earth scientists and climatologists, agree that earth’s temperatures have been rising and that human activity is responsible for it. I hear from ecologists, on listservs, the dire need to get the word out that change is happening to habitats around the world and that we are getting to the point where we won’t be able to turn back.
I understand how people have huge concerns in this difficult economy. They are going to worry about getting a job rather than getting to a job in a green way. Or they will worry about putting any food on the table rather than buying locally grown food vs. food shipped from China. I get that. Heck, I am not going to question the plastic content of the container if someone offers me a drink when I am thirsty.
So what can we do? How do we get the word out that change is happening in this world? Habitats are being lost, species are becoming extinct by the minute- all because of overconsumption by humans. Are we okay with that? I’m not. I am pretty happy sitting here knowing that across the world is some amazing creature living out its life, safely, in some jungle, savanna, tundra or ?
Any ideas?

Musings- something to think about

According to the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press, "Fewer Americans See Solid Evidence of Global Warming." In phone calls to 1,500 adults in late September, early October they found 57% of the respondents "think there is solid evidence that the average temperature on earth has been getting warmer over the past few decades" compared with 71% in April 2008.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Walking SAD Away

It's that time of the year again when temperatures get cooler/ colder and the bed feels even more comfy. Time to take it easy and snuggle up with a hot cup of tea, some cookies and a good movie. Right?
Wrong. I am affected by the change of season. I think if I lived in a colder place with less sunlight I could become deeply affected by S.A.D.- Seasonal Affective Disorder. Fortunately, while I live in a cold place, Flagstaff is sunny and warm weather(Phoenix)is only two hours away. That really helps me through the deepest part of winter. But I still get a little down over the winter. I recently read a blog, Fresh Living, on how to prevent S.A.D. I will let you read the whole post yourself but the first item on their list is "Exercise more frequently and vigorously."
Why, to me, that sounds like a challenge. Now is the time to step up walking distances, find new paths and pick up speed. I think I will give it a try.

Walks for All

Walk Into Fall, Make a Difference Day, Walk the Walk
from Jack Welch

Walk Into Fall
Start Location: Peaks Ranger Station
Time: 9:00 AM

About 3.5 miles of walking as we explore the lower half of Fatman's Loop and the Christmas Tree Trail.
Everybody Welcome! Please do bring a friend!

Make A Difference Day
Clean up/Rio de Flag
Start Location: Footbridge in Wheeler Park
Time: 9:00 AM

Pick up trash along the Rio de Flag from City Hall to the Francis Short Pond
Bring a lunch

SUNDAY 25 OCTOBER - Walk the second half of the Highland Trail
Walk The Walk
Highland Trail - Kachina Wetlands half
Start Location: Raymond County Park
We'll convoy from there over to the Wetlands parking area
Time: 3:00 PM 3:00 PM

About 6 miles (I'm not kidding) on this out and back route that will take us
from the Wetlands down to the gate on Highway 89A and back. Hopefully we
will have time left to walk over to the lake and see how the ducks are doing.

Walk Into Fall
Start Location: Adult Center
Time: 9:00 AM

About 3 total miles of walking in and around the surrounding neighborhood
Fast and Slow Pace
Bring a Friend

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Walking in Austin

On Sunday, I got back from a trip to Austin, Texas and have been "running" ever since. I attended the National Association of Science Writers annual conference. I met lots of great people and went to some wonderful talks. I didn't get to see as much of Austin as I had planned but I saw a little bit. On Saturday I got to see some of downtown at night and on Sunday I had a little bit more time to get to the airport so I took the long way to the bus stop.
Here's a good restaurant:
Here's a great blue's bar:
Here's the tower and horse statue at Univ of Texas:
Yup, the Lone Star state. This was in front of the Texas State Museum.
The capitol building:
Here's another statue, this time at the state capitol. This is in honor of volunteer firemen. This fireman apparently lost his life to save a child.

A lot of walking potential in this town- many trails that are around town that I didn't get to explore. I guess I will need to visit again.


There is nothing like walking to get the feel of a country. A fine landscape is like
a piece of music; it must be taken at the right tempo. Even a bicycle goes too fast.
- Paul Scott Mowrer

I have been in Austin, sans computer. I am waiting for my camera battery to reload and then I will share some of what I saw.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Walk More, Drive Less- Blog Action Day 2009

Hey, this is what this blog is all about- getting the word out that we need to do something about how we live on this planet. Currently our habits seem to be setting things off kilter and one way or another we, or rather our children and grandchildren, will suffer the consequences. So again since I truly believe that while one person's actions might seem like a drop in the bucket when it comes to helping the environment, if everyone who needed to changed their behavior then things would start to happen. With that out of the way, here's my contribution to Blog Action Day 2009:
Walk (bike, take the bus) more, drive less.

Also, since you have more time to think during your walks, come up with a letter for your representatives, senators, President Obama and anyone else you can think of, about how important it is that a dramatic lifestyle change begin now.

Here's a blurb from Blog Action Day:
"More than any other country, action taken by the United States to limit greenhouse gases and build a clean energy economy is needed to achieve a sustainable solution to our global climate crisis.

This December world leaders will gather in Copenhagen to negotiate a global response to climate change. As a world leader in greenhouse gas pollution as well as clean energy technology, the United States needs to take bold action by implementing comprehensive clean energy policies to curb emissions.

President Barack Obama has said that climate change is an urgent threat, and that he wants to restore America's responsible leadership in the world.

This is a chance for people around the world and in the United States to join together in telling President Obama that we want him to lead the United States in taking bold and significant action to reduce greenhouse gasses.

Time is running out, and our planet can't afford to wait."

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Coool Walkin's

from Jack Welch

Flagstaff 15 Minute Makeover - Second Annual
Start Location: Outside the door of what ever location you happen to be occupying
Time: 10:15 AM
Just carry a litter bag outside any door you happen to be near and pick up all the trash you can in 15 minutes
Please register to participate at:
Call Tom Boughner at: 213 3607
There will be a drawing for some nice prizes - but you must register to win anything!
Let's break last year's record of over 4,000 participants!
Walk Into Fall
Start Location: Peaks Ranger Station across from Marketplace Drive at the Flagstaff Mall
Time: 9:00 AM
About 3 total miles of walking
Flag Biking Trail Work Day
Check out the Flag Biking web site for details
Ft Valley Trail System (Off Schultz Pass Road)
Time: 8:14 5 AM
Walk The Walk
New McMillan Mesa FUTS
Start Location: Buffalo Park
Time: 3:00 PM
About 4 total miles of walking on the newly constructed FUTS on
McMillan Mesa. Expect a few hills
Walk The Walk
First Half of the Highland Trail (Ft Tuthill to Kachina Wetlands) hike
Start Location: Cochise Ramada next to the Tennis Courts at Ft Tuthill
Time: 3:00 PM
About 6 total miles of a loop that will begin at the Cochise Ramada - access
the Highland Trail down to the gate at Highway 89a and then finish the loop
back to the Cochise Ramada. Expect a few hills.
The second half of the Highland Trail (Raymond Park to Highway 89A) will be hiked on
Sunday 25 October with a start at Raymond County Park at 3:00 PM
TUESDAY 20 OCTOBER (morning)
Walk Into Fall
Start Location: Adult Center
Time: 9:00 AM
About 3 total miles of walking in and around the surrounding neighborhood
Fast and Slow Pace
Everybody Welcome! Please do bring a friend!
TUESDAY 20 OCTOBER (evening)
Discussion of outdoor equipment - Mainly Snow Shoe - With Cuyler Boughner
Location: Adult Center
Time: 6:30 PM
Great opportunity to get some good information on outdoor equipment.
Cuyler is an outstanding source for this kind of knowledge.
I'll bring the store bought cookies!
Flagstaff Trails Talk
P.O.S.T. - Adopt-An-Avenue Information -
Plus the latest on local trails and entry forms to become a part of
the Aerobic Winter Challenge (see below for details)
Location: Adult Center
Time: 6:30 PM
You bring the questions and interest and we'll do our best to
provide the information.
Cookies on had to be eaten!
Everybody Welcome! Please do bring a friend!
I hope to see you all soon!
Jack Welch
Do you have trouble doing enough exercise during the winter months? Problems
with sticking to an exercise schedule? Then this is the program for you!
November through February -
A log based program to keep you moving throughout the winter months.
Prizes if you participate.
To get more information attend one of the Adult Center Meetings on
Tuesday 20 October or Wednesday 21 October at 6:30 PM
Don't miss this window of opportunity to get it done this winter. The window
closes on Friday 23 October - last day to register to become a part of one of
our three Scalawag Teams.

The Navajo's Long Walk

Last weekend we went camping at Canyon de Chelly. The weather was lovely, the cottonwoods were changing, the rocks were warm. Sleep? Not so much. One night it was the dogs barking, owls serenading (okay this was pretty cool), temperature dropping, gotta go pee night. But that's camping. And camping is a lot easier since we have a pop-up, which I love- kind of like a portable hotel room sans bathroom.

If you don't know about Canyon de Chelly (pronounced "shay")it is located on the Navajo Reservation in northeastern Arizona. It is a national monument but Navajo families still live there. I spoke with one Navajo jeweler/artist, in the visitor center, whose family had lived there for generations. Ansel Adams had taken a photo of his mom in the canyon. He was able to recreate the shot with his elderly mom. He mentioned that many families now lived elsewhere, to work, go to school, etc. and just came back on weekends or other times.

We walked down to the White House Ruins. We all commented on how blue the sky was- as blue as a fall sky can be. On the canyon floor we could see sheep and fields where crops had been planted and family hogans. From viewpoints above we could see how cottonwoods traced a dry streambed, along with tamarisk and Russian olive. This streambed meandered around huge thousand foot tall rock fins.

We went here over Columbus Day weekend. Kind of ironic. Information signs along the lookout points talked of how the Navajo fought with the Spanish in the late 1700s, early 1800s, and of how Canyon de Chelly served as a type of fortress. During one Spanish raid the young Navajo men were gone leaving the old, infirm, women and children. History reports that 115 people were massacred that day and more taken prisoner. Massacre Cave Overlook shows the location of that battle and talks of one brave Navajo woman who sacrificed her life in battling with a Spanish soldier, taking him with her as they toppled over the cliff.

Canyon de Chelly was also the site of the last standoff for the Navajos in a battle to preserve their property. In 1864 the Navajos surrendered to Kit Carson and were ordered on the "Long Walk to Bosque Redondo" in New Mexico. About 200 Navajo died during this forced march. Bosque Redondo was a desolate place for the Navajo and the people suffered with disease and hunger. In 1868 the U.S. Government acknowledged the failure of their plan and granted Navajo sovereignty in the Treaty of 1868.

So much grim history for such a beautiful place. I can tell you now that it seems peaceful and okay.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday's Musings

The best remedy for a short temper is a long walk. ~Jacqueline Schiff

Friday, October 9, 2009

More Shoes

Earlier I asked about movies/ books that featured long walks/ journeys. One movie that I “kind of” found was More Shoes. I have never seen this movie but it intrigued me. Here is this struggling film-maker who takes to heart advice from a successful filmmaker, Werner Herzog, and makes a solo journey of over 3,000 miles across Europe. OK sure, let’s do that. And let’s film it!
I have tried to find more details on this film but haven’t been able to find much. I hope the filmmaker is doing ok. I think the movie would be interesting to see. Here’s an interview from the Independent. Apparently the movie did win independent movie awards in Atlanta in 2008.

From “Struggling filmmaker Lee Kazimir reads the words of Werner Herzog, who said that filmmakers should skip film school and instead "make a journey alone, on foot, for a distance of 5,000 kilometers, let's say from Madrid to Kiev." Kazimir decides to take this advice literally, walking for six months and through seven countries while documenting the journey with a videocamera. Along the way, he confronts physical struggles and meets a varied cast of characters. He also learns some essential lessons, realizing that life comes before art.”

Thursday, October 8, 2009

City of Flagstaff Official Website

City of Flagstaff Official Website

whoops, I was testing something and it didn't work the way I wanted...

2nd Annual Flagstaff 15 Minute Makeover

Here's a challenge for you all from the city's website, but you don't need to live in Flagstaff you can do this anywhere!

Participate in the 2nd Annual Flagstaff 15 Minute Makeover!
Therefore, at 10:15 a.m., everyone will step outside and clean up where you live, work, learn and play. That can be a school playground, ball field, front yard, sidewalk, parking lot, etc. The goal of a 15 Minute Makeover is to encourage community pride. People who have the strongest community bonds feel the highest obligation not to litter. The Flagstaff 15 Minute Makeover for Flagstaff will be very positive, proactive, event for the community. Keeping Flagstaff clean and beautiful is up to all of us. A clean city is a safe city.

Participants will be encouraged to dispose of the litter and debris in their own garbage containers. Please remember to recycle! All participants are asked to register online at or by (928) 213-3607. Prizes will be awarded at random or those who register. For more information, please call Tom Boughner at (928) 213-3607 or e-mail at tboughner at flagstaffaz dot gov .

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Walks for the week

I am putting in just about all of Jack Welch's email- some good info on pedestrian safety issues. Also, the NPS/USFS walks are taking a break until next spring/summer.

Walk the Walk, Walk into Fall, NAMI Walk, Safety Meeting

If you read the Daily Sun on Sunday 4 October you saw a front page article about the most dangerous intersections in Flagstaff - for drivers. Well, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know if an intersection is dangerous for vehicles then its much more dangerous for pedestrians. The Route 66/4th Street (just north of the Aquaplex Overpass) was listed as the most dangerous in regard to the number of vehicle crashes. Before the overpass and the intersection were being constructed the Pedestrian Advisory Committee showed up at Traffic Commission meetings to ask about the lack of pedestrian refuges in any of the four parts of that intersection. We were not heard in a responsive way and it
appears we were right. The intersection is dangerous!
If you are interested - as I am - as to what can be done to improve this nasty intersection for both vehicles and pedestrians (and bicycle riders!) please attend the Traffic Safety Meeting in Flagstaff Tomorrow evening, Thursday 8 October at 6:00 PM at Flagstaff High School which is located at 400 West Elm Ave
(Off Humphreys) I KNOW I'LL BE THERE!

Location: Flagstaff High School
400 West Elm Ave
Time: 6:00 PM

The focus of this meeting will be on traffic enforcement procedures, accident reconstruction
and child safety seat information
Call to register:
Sgt Michael Terrin
556 2300

The following is our schedule from Friday 9 October through Friday 16 October

Walk Into Fall
Start Location: Peaks Ranger Station across from the Flagstaff Mall
Time: 9:00 AM 9:00 AM

About 3 total miles of walking. This time we'll use the new paved FUTS north on Highway 89 to the Elden
Pueblo. About 3 total miles on this out and back route.
Everybody Welcome! Please do bring a friend!

NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Walk
Location: Buffalo Park
Time: 11:00 AM 11:00 AM

I hope a lot of you will show up to join me on this 2 1/2 mile walk in support of this
excellent organization
I'll be there by 10:30 AM

Scalawag Climb of Mt Humphreys
Start Location: Trailhead in the Snowbowl Parking Lot
Time: 8:00 AM 8:00 AM

What a glorious time to be doing this hike. For those of you not interested in getting to the top the yellow aspen will be just as bright. The Aspen Loop Trail (About 3 total miles) is also available - trailhead next to the Humphreys trailhead.
Don't miss this great time of the year to get outside and do a hike!

Walk Into Fall
Location: Adult Center
Time: 9:00 AM

About 3 total miles of walking. Fast and Slow pace.
Everybody Welcome! Please do bring a friend

Flagstaff 15 Minute Makeover
Location: Where ever you happen to be at 10:15 AM in the morning
Time: 10:15 AM

Register and then get outside with a litter bag at 10:15 AM and pick up all the trash you can find!
Register at: or call 213 3607
If you register you can win prizes!

Walk Into Fall
Start Location: Peaks Ranger Station
Time: 9:00 AM

About 3 total miles of walking.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tree Parable

When we were walking to school yesterday, my son and I came across a fairly big tree that had fallen across the trail. We had a very windy weekend so it’s not surprising that a weak dead tree had fallen. We climbed over the tree while trying to avoid the numerous limbs sticking up here and there. The tree was too big and long too move from the trail. Someone was going to need to cut it.
In this forest there are a lot of dead standing trees, snags. I think a lot of these trees were killed during a recent beetle infestation. But I tend to not worry about these trees falling down. Maybe I should be a little more vigilant?
In another part of the woods there is this dead tree that has been leaning against these other trees since last winter. I give this tree a wide berth because certainly it is going to fall at any moment. The two live trees are the only support for this already collapsed tree. But this tree is facing away from the trail. I always assume that when it falls there will be a lot of debris shooting everywhere. I don’t want to be around. That is a known danger.
As usual, my mind wanders during walks and I thought, maybe I could make a parable out of this situation, or maybe there is one?
How about this: Don’t overlook hidden dangers while avoiding known dangers.

Monday's Musings (a day late)

“I have two doctors, my left leg and my right.” ~G.M. Trevelyan

For Pedestrian Awareness Week I put together all sorts of facts and quotes, it was fun. I will share those with you on Monday (it's a day late today) and call them Monday's Musings. :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pedestrian Awareness Week

One of the Scavenger Hunt Sites

Pedestrian Awareness Week is underway. Yesterday was the Kick-Off Breakfast Walk and tomorrow will be a walkability audit and the booth at First Friday ArtWalk. There is still time to complete the Scavenger Hunt and qualify for great prizes (turn answers in at booth tomorrow, 4 pm - 7 pm). Here are the activities:

Friday, October 2
Sunnyside – Fourth Street Walkability Audit
How to Conduct a Walkability Audit Workshop

Coconino County Health Department, Ponderosa Room
2625 North King Street
8:30 – 11:00 am
A walkability audit is a community-based exercise intended to highlight opportunities, identify obstacles, and evaluate how easy it is to get around your neighborhood on foot.
The first part of this event (from 8:30 to 9:30) will include a workshop on how to conduct
a walkability audit. The second part (starting at 9:30 am) will be an on-the-ground walkability audit of the Fourth Street corridor in the Sunnyside neighborhood, conducted as part of the corridor planning process for Fourth Street.

Downtown Scavenger Hunt
Downtown Flagstaff
Wednesday, September 23, 2009 through Friday, October 2

Attention explorers, young and old: search the nooks and crannies around downtown Flagstaff to find Scavenger Hunt treasure. The Scavenger Hunt list will be posted on the City’s website:, starting the week before Pedestrian Awareness Week. Bring in your answers to the Pedestrian Awareness Booth at Heritage Square during the First Friday Art Walk to be entered in a raffle.

Pedestrian Awareness Booth
Heritage Square
Aspen Street, downtown Flagstaff
4:00 – 7:00 pm

Stop by our table in Heritage Square during the First Friday Art Walk to discuss walkability and pedestrian issues with representatives of the City of Flagstaff’s Pedestrian Advisory Committee and Coconino County’s Safekids Coalition and Safe Routes to School program.
Bring your answers to the Scavenger Hunt challenge (see above) and be entered in a raffle!

Saturday, October 3
Community Sidewalk Clean-Up Day
Kinsey Elementary School parking lot
1601 South Lone Tree Road
9:00 am – 12:00 noon

Help keep Flagstaff’s sidewalks clean, clear and safe for everyone! Volunteers are needed to sweep debris and clear weeds from the public sidewalks in the Pine Knoll neighborhood near Kinsey School. Meet in the parking lot at Kinsey School; tools will be provided.

Sunday, October 4
Hike the FUTS/Ride the Bus
Sechrist School parking lot
2230 North Fort Valley Road
9:00 am

We will meet at Sechrist School for a leisurely walk along the tree-lined FUTS trail to the Flagstaff Community Market by City Hall. The walk is a little over 2 miles long. With bags full of produce, we will then board the Mountain Line bus (Orange Line) near the library and head back to Sechrist School. Bus passes cost $1.00 for adults, $0.50 for children and seniors 60 and over.

Monday, October 5
Try Transit Day
All Mountain Line bus routes, all day

The Northern Arizona Intergovernmental Public Transportation Authority (NAIPTA) is offering free Mountain Lift and Mountain Line bus rides all day to give everyone a chance to experience firsthand how affordable, convenient, and fun it is to ride the bus.

Tuesday, October 6
Southside Accessibility Audit
Mountain Line Downtown Transfer Center
Phoenix Avenue, west of Beaver Street
9:00 – 11:00 am

The City’s Disability Awareness Commission will lead a short tour of the southside neighborhood to illustrate conditions that make getting around easier or more difficult for persons with mobility limitations – an eye-opening experience for all.

Brown Bag Lunch Presentation on Complete Streets
Community Federated Church
400 West Aspen Avenue
12:00 noon – 1:00 pm

Complete streets is the simple, yet compelling notion that streets should be safe, attractive, comfortable, and enjoyable for all users – pedestrians, bicyclists, public transit users, and motorists. Bring your own lunch and come ready with questions. This presentation is part of the week-long form-based code design charrette held in conjunction with the project to revamp Flagstaff’s zoning code.

Wednesday, October 7
International Walk to School Day
Killip, Kinsey, Marshall, Sechrist, and Thomas Elementary Schools
7:30 – 9:30 am

Join kids, parents, teachers and community leaders on a “walking school bus” to one of five participating Flagstaff elementary schools. Last year more than 1,600 children in Flagstaff joined millions of school children across the globe in this event, which is intended to encourage physical activity, raise awareness of community walkability, and reduce traffic congestion, pollution, and speed near schools.
If you would like to participate in the event or volunteer to help, please contact Kim Austin, Safe Routes to School coordinator with the Coconino County Health Department, at (928) 679-7213.

Pedestrian Awareness Week is organized by
City of Flagstaff Pedestrian Advisory Committee
Coconino County Injury Prevention Program – Safe Kids Coalition
City of Flagstaff Disability Awareness Commission
Northern Arizona Intergovernmental Public Transportation Authority
Flagstaff Metropolitan Planning Organization
Numerous volunteers
For more information, please contact
Martin Ince..................(928) 226-4850
Kim Austin...................(928) 679-7213
Heather Taylor.............(928) 679-7262

Fall Walks

Walk the Walk, Walk into Fall, Festival of Science, Pedestrian Awareness Week

from Jack Welch

FRIDAY 2 OCTOBER (morning)
Walk Into Fall
Meeting Location: Peaks Ranger Station across from the Flagstaff Mall
Time: 9:00 AM 9:00 AM
About 3 total miles of walking.

Festival of Science
Picture Canyon Presentation
Location: Museum of Northern Arizona
Ft Valley Road
Time: 7:00 PM 7:00 PM
Meet scientist Marie Jackson, Bob Mark, Evelyn Billo and Stephanie Yard to learn more about this remarkable place located just a 1/2 mile for the Flagstaff Mall.
I know I'll be there!

Science Festival - Walk Into Picture Canyon
Start Location: In front of the El Paso Gas Co entrance
Directions: Going East on East Route 66 (toward Walnut Canyon National Monument)
At new Home Depot Store (On East Route 66) in the new section of the Flagstaff Mall
Going East
At the top of the hill right in front of you look to your left and you will see a sign "Wildcat Waste Water Treatment Plant"
Turn left and follow that paved road to its end in front of the El Paso Gas Company Entrance
Park on the right side of the road and we will meet at the El Paso Entrance
Time: 9:00 AM 9:00 AM
About 5 total miles of walking
I hope you can attend
We need a good turnout for this walk
Expect a few hills

SUNDAY 4 OCTOBER (morning)
Pedestrian Awareness Week
Do a Hike/Ride A Bus
Start Location: Sechrist School on Ft Valley Road
Time: 9:00 AM 9:00 AM
About 2 miles of walking to City Hall to do some food shopping at the Community Market
We'll ride the bus back which can be caught across from City Hall at 11:15
Bring a dollar to ride the bus.
Join Cecile LeBlanc and myself for this fun filled activity

Science Festival
Moonlight Walk At Buffalo Park
Start Location: Parking Lot at Buffalo Park
Time: 7:00 PM 7:00 PM
A fun walk in Buffalo Park after dark to view the moon and what ever else my friends
Ann and Tony can point out. About 2 total miles of walking.

Walk Into Fall
Location: Adult Center
Time: 9:00 AM 9:00 AM
A 3 mile walk in and around the surrounding neighborhood
Fast and Slow Pace