Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Wednesdays

somewhat random- not coffee, but what if...
It’s Wednesday and I am ready to try something new. I am sure that this will change as I move along, but these are my first ideas. There are three, actually:

One of my favorite things to see are what I call “random” sightings. Usually we see these on the road, but they definitely can be spotted while walking and it can be something experienced with other senses as well. “Random” to me means- something that makes you do a double take, makes you look twice, or think about what you just experienced, something a little out of step with ordinary. And to me, it always, always, always has to be positive- it has to bring a smile to my face. Here are some examples of recent “random experiences.”

The other day my son and I were stopped at a light and we saw a motorcycle, with its rider stopped at the light heading the opposite way. We saw something different sticking up behind the rider on the motorcycle. I thought it might be a folded up umbrella and we joked about that. My son looked as we passed the motorcycle. It was a vacuum cleaner! On a motorcycle. Random.

We were in a small desert town during spring break and passed a small, compact car with a palm tree in the back seat, the palm fronds sticking out the back window. Random.

Another of my favorite things to see are what I call “I Spy” places. I don’t know if there is a copyright of that, so for here I will call them, “look and see” but in life, “I Spy.” These are walls, cars, yards, fences, you-name-it that are covered with so much stuff that you could spend a lot of time just looking at it and seeing different things… “I see a tiny goat…” I have seen a “look and see” gravesite.

Finally, I love things that make me go… hmmm, what is that? And when I find out what it is, I want to tell everyone.

So Wednesdays will be dedicated to one of these three things. I would love it if you would contribute as well, just let me know


  1. I saw that motorcycle with the vacuum too!!

  2. lol... I'm the same way...when I find out what it is, I do want to go & share it with someone. I've even done triple takes but that's mostly reserved for disasters. Great post!